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RFP: Structural Engineering Design Services

The Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) invites proposals from qualified consultants to provide structural engineering design services for two new welded steel potable water storage tanks.

Mandatory Pre-proposal Meeting: July 17, 2018, 11:00 a.m.
Mid-Peninsula Water District office, 3 Dairy Lane, Belmont, CA 94002
Responses Due: August 7, 2018, 3:00 p.m. PT

Download the complete Request for Proposals (RFP) here (PDF)

Questions and Responses:

As part of the RFP process, the District accepted questions at the mandatory pre-submittal meeting held on July 17, 2018, and in writing through 12:00 p.m., July 20, 2018. The questions received and the District’s responses are below.

Q1. Please verify if the District is expecting the tank manufacturer to design the tank using the drawings and specs prepared as part of this project or if you would like the tank designed by the structural engineer.
A1. The selected structural engineering consultant is expected to prepare performance specifications and drawings for the proposed tanks. The tank manufacturer will provide design of the water tanks and the consultant is expected to review the design for conformance to the project specifications and drawings. However, the selected consultant is expected to design the tank foundation

Q2. Does the scope for this project include the following items: modifications to the pump-house building, modifications to site walls (demolition and reconstruction of a portion of the existing walls may be required based on new tank footprints), and modifications to existing communication antennas supported on drilled piers adjacent to the tanks.
A2. The scope of this project does not currently include modifications to the pump-house building, site walls, or existing communication antennas. If a change in scope is necessary, the District will work with the consultant to amend the agreement.

Q3. Should we assume the base elevation of the tank and overall height of the tank remain unchanged and that the tank diameter will be calculated based on desired capacity of 0.8 MG, assuming a height to overflow of 47 feet?
A3. Yes.

Q4. As discussed, the height of the water tank shall not be greater than the existing tanks due to environmental restrictions and requirements. What specifically is governing this criterion?
A4. The requirement that the new tanks is not greater in height than the existing tanks is in place in order for the project to be categorically exempt from CEQA.

Q5. Will existing documentation such as site plans and as-builts be released as an addendum to the RFP?
A5. All known record project drawings are attached to this document.

Q6. Is the water district expecting the consultant to provide a design of the steel water tanks as part of the project plans or does the water district expect that the consultant will prepare a performance specification for the tank and that the design of the tank will come from a tank manufacturer that is reviewed by the consultant as a deferred submittal during construction?
A6. See answer to question 1.

Q7. Does the water district have a standard cost proposal template that they would like the consultant to use?
A7. No.

Q8. How many teams will be shortlisted for interviews?
A8. The number of firms to be shortlisted for interviews will be determined after review of submitted proposals.

Q9. Professional Services Agreement (PSA) states that the scope will be as set forth in Exhibit A. What is Exhibit A? Please provide a copy.
A9. Exhibit A to the PSA will be the final negotiated scope of services between the District and the selected consultant.

Q10. Additionally, the PSA states that the terms of the PSA control over any contrary provisions contained in Exhibit A. No Exhibit A is attached. If Exhibit A only addresses scope, why would Exhibit A contain provisions that conflict with the PSA, which does not contain any scope items other than reference to Exhibit A?
A10. The signed PSA shall take precedence in the event of conflicts over any other contract documents including Exhibit A.

Q11. The PSA states that the contract amount will be stated as ‘total sum not to exceed’ pricing. Some of the work activities stated in the scope of work are of indefinite quantity or duration, including:

  1. Attend pre-construction meetings and other meetings as required.
  2. Visit construction site as required for progress and quality of work evaluation.
  3. Review contractor materials submittals, mix designs, tank calculations, and shop drawings.
  4. Respond to contractor requests for information (RFIs) and provide clarification to plans.
  5. Perform site visits as needed.


a) The consultant is expected to estimate the level of effort, on a time and materials basis, required to complete the scope of work in their proposal. This estimate will form the basis of the not-to-exceed amount.

b) If additional effort is required beyond the not-to-exceed amount in the signed agreement, the consultant will negotiate an addendum to the agreement with the District.

Q12. One of the scope items in the Construction Documents category is to prepare structural engineering designs, calculations, plans, specifications, cost estimate and contract bidding documents. Based on our experience in this area, we recommend that coating specifications be carefully coordinated with structural details and specifications. Is it the District’s intent that the Consultant’s proposal will include coating specifications coordinated with the structural and accessory details?
A12. This District will contract directly with a third-party coating consultant. The structural engineering consultant should include, in their proposal, staff hours to coordinate with coating consultant

Q13. Who will be responsible to identify local building or other regulatory permits and restrictions applicable to this project?
A13. The District will identify any required permits.

Q14. A tank evaluation must be performed prior to developing the technical specifications for the required tank demolition activities. Do you want the price for this tank evaluation required to write the demolition spec to be included in the base proposal?
A14. Yes, the price for a tank evaluation should be included in the base proposal

Q15. If a proposal includes a tank manufacturer on the team for consultation, is the tank manufacturer disqualified from bidding on the design build?
A15. No, the tank manufacturer would not be disqualified from bidding.

RFQ: On-Call Construction Management and Inspection Services

The Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) is seeking qualified firms to provide on-call construction management and inspection services.

Download the complete Request for Qualifications (RFQ) here (PDF)
Download the Response to Questions here (PDF)


The following attachments are provided as downloadable PDFs for reference:

RFQ: On-Call Water Main Design Services

The Mid-Peninsula Water District is seeking firms with licensed professional civil engineers to provide on-call water main design services. There will be a mandatory Pre-Proposal meeting to be held at 10:00 am on January 17, 2017.

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