Customer Service

What is a Service Charge?

This is a charge for basic maintenance of the District. (employees, materials, supplies, etc.)

How often do you send out bills?

Every month, for both residential and commercial accounts.

When is my bill due?

Bills are due and payable 30 days after the billing date.

Can I pay more than what is due on my account?

Yes. Your account will be credited.

I have noticed that my bill has gone up twice as much this month. Could you tell me why?

You may have a leak somewhere in your home, possibly your toilet. If you look at your meter while all of your water is off, and you notice the meter dial is spinning then you have a leak somewhere on your property. You should then call your plumber to come fix the leak. You may also refer to our online Leak Detection Tool for common ways to detect a leak and sign up for Water Watch to monitor your water usage and set up alerts.

I have fixed the leak in my house. Can I get an adjustment?

In cases where a significant amount of water has been unintentionally used due to a leak, malfunction, or unknown circumstances, the Mid-Peninsula Water District policy is to offer an adjustment. After the incident is resolved a request may be submitted. Customers are eligible to receive one adjustment every five years, with a maximum of two adjustments over the life of the account. The incident must have occurred within the last 4 months.

To request an adjustment, submit a written request (via letter or email) describing the issue, confirming the issue has been resolved and include any receipts (I.E., plumber, parts receipts., etc.). The requestor must also be signed up for the Water Watch.

Once a request is received, it will be investigated, an amount will be calculated and a letter will be sent to the customer within four weeks. Once the customer signs and returns the letter their account will be credited.

I am doing some construction, can I get a Temporary Meter?

Yes. There is an $2500 deposit and you may come in and sign up for the meter. At that time you may obtain the meter. The water usage will be deducted from your deposit.

Water Quality

Does Belmont have hard or soft water?

In Belmont we have soft water. For dishwashers you will need to know that there are 3-5 grains per gallon.

My water is coming out brown. What do I do?

  1. It is possible someone has opened a fire hydrant in your area and the sediment on the bottom of the pipes has been pushed through. Run the hose in the front of the house until the water runs clear or run the faucet closest to the meter.
  2. If it comes out in the hot water only, you should flush out your hot water heater.
  3. If it has been going on for a long period of time, then it may be the pipes in your house. In this case, call your plumber.

My water is cloudy. What is wrong with it?

This is due to air bubbles in the water. Sometimes when work is done on the pipes, air enters into the system and causes the water to appear milky for a short period of time.

What causes odor in the hot water?

The most common cause of odor in hot water is the water heater. If your cold water smells fine, check your water heater to ensure that the temperature setting is correct. Water heaters also need to be maintained (see manufacturer's instructions). Please call the District if the odor persists or if it is present in both the hot and cold water.

Water Conservation

How can I tell if my toilet has a leak?

To find out if your toilet leaks, listen for the sound of running water. You can also place a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Don't flush the toilet. If the coloring is seen in the bowl, the toilet is leaking.

Where can I get conservation materials or help in conserving water?

You can visit our conservation web page to find information about available rebates and other water-saving programs or visit our customer desk located at our District offices.


The lid to my meter box is broken. Can you fix it?

Yes we can. The meter and the meter box is our responsibility and we will fix it.

Can I turn on or shut off my meter?

No. Should you have an emergency or need your water shut off or turned on for any reason please contact the district office at (650) 591-8941. Calls made to the office during non business hours will be forwarded to our answering service and on-call district personnel will be sent out. Please do not attempt to shut off or turn on your water meter as you may incur charges if the meter is damaged or broken.

Whose pipes are whose?

The District is responsible for pipes on the "street side" of the water meter, including all service lines and water mains extending throughout the community. The District is also responsible for the water meter itself. If you notice a water leak in the street or near your water meter, please call the District to report.

The property owner is generally responsible for all pipes and plumbing on the "customer side" of the water meter. This includes the interior plumbing of the home, the outside irrigation system, and the area where the property's water system connects to the water meter.

image showing system owned service line and customer owned service line on a property illustration.

I am experiencing problems with my water pressure. What can I do?

If you should experience higher or lower than normal water pressure, you can call the District to make an appointment to meet with one of our field technicians to test if your pressure regulator valve is adjusted properly.

Where can I find a list of certified Backflow prevention testers?

Visit the San Mateo County certified backflow preventers website it contains a complete and updated list of approved device, approved testers and any other questions you may have.

Should I have an emergency supply of drinking water on hand?

The answer is yes, the district recommends that its customers store a 3-day supply of water, as the Bay Area is subject to extreme weather events as well as Natural Disasters, ex. - Earthquakes, Fire, Floods, etc.