Human Resources

We appreciate your interest in employment with the Mid-Peninsula Water District. All applicants must submit a Mid-Peninsula Water District Application for Employment. It must be typewritten or filled out in blue or black ink.

Once completed, it may be emailed to:

Or mailed/delivered in person to:
Mid-Peninsula Water District
Attn: General Manager
3 Dairy Lane, Belmont, CA 94002

A résumé may be attached but is not accepted in lieu of the application. Once the recruitment closes, the applications will be reviewed and the most qualified candidates will be invited to an oral interview. The candidates not selected will receive an email or letter in the mail.

Click here to download the MPWD Employment Application*

* This PDF contains form fields if you wish to complete electronically and either submit over email, or, print and submit by mail, fax, or in-person.

Employment Opportunities

No employment Opportunities are available at this time

Cover of the MPWD Personnel Manual

The Mid-Peninsula Water District (“MPWD”) is governed by the provisions of the California Water Code (“Water Code”) Section 30000 et seq. (and following) sections.

The language used in this Personnel Manual is not intended, nor is it to be construed, to constitute a contract between the MPWD and any employee or the public. The MPWD may add, modify, or delete any provision contained in this manual, including those concerning employee benefits, at any time with or without notice.

This Personnel Manual replaces and supersedes all personnel manuals, revisions, and amendments previously adopted by the MPWD.

Download the MPWD Personnel Manual here.

MPWD Personnel Manual History:

  • Revision adopted March 28, 2019 (Resolution 2019-08)
  • Revision adopted October 26, 2017 (Resolution 2017-19)
  • New manual adopted September 22, 2016 (Resolution 2016-18)
  • Revision adopted October 22, 2009 (Resolution 2009-09)
  • Revision adopted June 26, 2008 (Minute Order)
  • Revision adopted May 23, 2002 (Resolution 2002-11)
  • Revision adopted April 25, 1996 (Minute Order)

MPWD Compensation Plan

MPWD Compensation Plan (Updated September, 27, 2018) (PDF)

MPWD Employee Association

2018 Letter Agreement Between the Mid-Peninsula Water District and MPWD Employee Association (PDF)

2014 Letter Agreement Between the Mid-Peninsula Water District and MPWD Employee Association (PDF)

MPWD Compensation Plan

MPWD Compensation Plan (Updated September 24, 2020) (PDF)

MPWD Salary Schedules

Represented Employees – MPWD Employee Association
Unrepresented Employees – Management & Exempt
General Manager

Board Member and Employee Compensation

The following compensation reports and information for MPWD Board Members and employees are available:

California State Controller – Government Compensation in California

Employee Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

The policy regarding employee expense reimbursements can be downloaded here (PDF)

Total Compensation Studies

2018 Total Compensation Study Report (July 2018)
2014 Total Compensation Study Report (May 2014)