Old County Road Capital Improvement

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OCR Project Update

February 2024

Pipe installation has been completed within City of Belmont limits, and final street resurfacing will occur in late Spring 2024. Work currently progresses north on Old County Road from Bragato Road towards Harbor Boulevard (daytime construction). See updated street map below.

Construction street map for the next phase of capital improvements on Old County Road

January 25, 2024

As of December 31, 2023, C2R Engineering (C2R) successfully finished all work involved with installing the 12" water main along Harbor Blvd. All the services were installed, and the old water main was successfully abandoned. Street and concrete sidewalk restoration was also completed, including street slurry sealing and replacing the traffic striping and markings. Contractor has progressed work ahead of the baseline schedule with approximately 483 feet of new pipe installed with 185 of 220 Working Days remaining.

Image of constructions works on the OCR project during night time operations
Image of constructions works on the OCR project during night time operations

Project Background

As part of MPWD’s ongoing Capital Improvement Program (CIP), a Comprehensive System Analysis was initially completed by staff and the District Engineer in 2015, and adopted by the Board for FY 2016-2017, to generate a comprehensive list of capital projects geared toward much-needed replacement and upgrade of MPWD’s water delivery infrastructure. On April 23, 2020, the Board adopted the FY 2019-2020 Update of the Comprehensive System Analysis that included a total of $80 million in prioritized, system capital improvements, and a 5-year Capital Improvement Program (ClP) for FYs 2019-2023 totaling $27,425,000 (Resolution 2020-08). Improvements to the water main underneath Old County Road were identified as a high-priority project.

The MPWD’s Old County Road Water Main Improvements consists of replacing approximately 3,200 linear feet of 4- and 8-inch cast iron (CI) and 20-inch concrete cylinder pipe (CCP) transmission line with construction dating back to the 1930s that scored high for replacement in the MPWD’s Capital Improvement Program with 8- and 20-inch polyvinyl chlorinated (PVC) pipe along Old County Road between Ralston Avenue and F Street, and a separate 450-foot section along Ralston Avenue between Old County Road and Elmer Street. The project includes demolition and abandonment of existing pipe and installation of new pipe, fittings, valves, fire hydrants, copper domestic service laterals, and reconnection of fire services to the new water main. Although a large portion of construction work will take place during the daytime on weekdays, a portion of work is scheduled to take place overnight from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am (Sunday night to Friday morning; NO work on Friday night and all of Saturday) in order to minimize inconvenience during the day to affected businesses.

The MPWD will soon be meeting in person with business owners and residents along the construction zones to answer questions and discuss possible concerns. The MPWD will also provide regular updates to businesses and residents in the construction zones and will be available to contact directly throughout the planning and construction process.

OCR Project Area

WHERE: Along OCR from Ralston Avenue (on the north end) to F Street (on the south end), and approximately 450 feet along Ralston Avenue between OCR and Elmer Street.

WHEN: Construction work is proposed to begin in late October 2023, and continue for approximately 11 months.

Project Map for Old County Road and Ralston Avenue

Construction Highlights

Traffic Updates

Expect traffic delays up to 15 min. along Old County Road between Ralston Avenue and F Street between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and along Ralston Avenue between Old County Road and Elmer Street between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday (non-holiday) from October 2023 - September 2024. Traffic updates, as they become available, can be found at the MPWD Traffic Advisories page.

Contact Us

The Construction Hotline is 650-477-5462. You can contact the MPWD Office with general questions at our Contact Us Page.