Water Conservation Annual Report

Water conservation graphicWater Conservation for the Long Run

SWRCB Re-adopts Ban on Wasteful Water Uses

As drought conditions continued throughout the state in 2022, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) readopted the emergency regulation in December 2022 that bolsters California’s conservation efforts by prohibiting wasteful water practices, like watering lawns when it rains. With climatologists still predicting mostly dry conditions for the entirety of 2023, MPWD will continue its Level 2 water conservation actions with the customer demand reduction goal of 15%.

The readopted regulation and MPWD’s Level 2 actions apply to all water users including individuals, businesses, and public agencies. Reducing water waste through all seasons helps to build up our water supply storage for future dry periods.

MPWD would like to express thanks to our water customers who have been meeting or exceeding voluntary goals over the past year by saving water and making water efficiency their California Way of Life! We encourage customers to take advantage of the many programs, rebates, tools, and other measures offered by the MPWD under the California Way of Life conservation campaign. For more info and updates please visit HERE.

Download this Water Conservation Annual Report as a PDF. CLICK HERE.

Infographic showing 61.1 R-GPCD for last 12 months of MPWD water usageWater Efficiency Tracker

MPWD’s Average Monthly Water Use for 2022: 61.1 R-GPCD

Residential Gallons Per Capita Per Day (R-GPCD) is a measurement of residential per capita water use calculated by dividing the total volume of water sold to residential accounts by the number of people being served. It is frequently used as a measurement for determining water conservation goals and performances.

To get monthly updates on MPWD’s water use, look for the Water Efficiency Tracker HERE.

Image of non-functional turf in public.Belmont Non-Functional Turf Project

Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) staff and the City of Belmont Parks & Recreation Department have identified a handful of city-owned properties with “non-functional turf” (NFT), turf at non-residential properties that serves only aesthetic purposes. Work has begun on the first pilot site located at the corner of Hiller Street and Ralston Avenue (referred to as the Hiller Triangle Project). Planning and design is currently underway and the NFT conversion for this initial trial run will mirror MPWD’s current existing Lawn-Be-Gone Rebate Program for residential customers. With a successful test run under its belt, the District will be able to open Non-Functional Turf Replacement Rebates to all its customers in the coming Fiscal Year 2023-2024.

Replacing NFT with beautiful, low-water-using landscapes is a great way to use water more efficiently and refresh the look of your property. The more customers that utilize MPWD’s Lawn-Be-Gone program, the more water savings for MPWD as we continue to support and promote a California Way of Life standard for efficient water usage! Reach out to Brandon Spears, MPWD’s Water Resources Coordinator, to learn more about the Lawn-Be-Gone program for your home or business!

Image of a toolbox for fixing leaky pipesFixing Water Waste

Have you come across a broken sprinkler head, excessive water draining into gutters, or some other form of water waste in your neighborhood or public areas and thought it would be good for the property owner to know? You can help by contacting MPWD with the information and MPWD will reach out to the property owner to remedy the situation! Just CLICK HERE to submit your report.

Image of bullhorns for announcementWelcome, Brandon Spears!

Brandon is the newest team member and Water Resources Coordinator at MPWD. In this position, Brandon will be focusing on promoting water conservation, engaging the public through community outreach, as well as overseeing the District’s Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan updates. Prior to joining MPWD, Brandon worked as an Engineering Technician with the County of Humboldt’s Land Use Department. In 2020, Brandon worked as an intern for the non-profit Great Basin Resource Watch, which focuses on protecting the environment and natural resources that are located within Nevada’s Great Basin region. Brandon also participated in a 6-month AmeriCorps program where he helped educate high school students throughout Northern California on the potential effects of climate change, and what can be done to remediate the environmental concerns we face as a State. Brandon earned his B.A. in Geographic, Environmental, and Spatial Analysis from Humboldt State University.

Image fo the 2023 Water Awareness Calendar by MPWDLook for the 2023 Water Awareness Calendar in the mail!

Featuring Artwork from Local Students. Complimentary of the MPWD