Imagine a Day Without Water

Sign the #OneWaterPledge Today!

The Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) joins elected officials, water utilities, community leaders, educators, and businesses from across the country as part of the seventh annual Imagine a Day Without Water, a nationwide day of education and advocacy about the value of water. Imagine a Day Without Water is a national education campaign that brings together diverse stakeholders to highlight how water is essential, invaluable, and in need of investment.

Led by the US Water Alliance’s Value of Water Campaign, over a thousand organizations across the country will join Imagine a Day Without Water on OCTOBER 20, 2022, to raise awareness about the role of water infrastructure in our lives and the importance of investment. The focus of this year’s event is to invite people to take the #OneWaterPledge and learn more about where our water comes from and where our wastewater goes.

By signing the #OneWaterPledge, individuals commit to take immediate, measurable action to increase their water knowledge, learn how to ensure all members of their community have access to drinking water and sanitation — and to share their commitments and progress with the US Water Alliance.


Water Should be safe, reliable, equitable, affordable and sustainable.