Intro to Plants Workshop

MPWD and it’s co-sponsor, BAWSCA, held a back-to-basics landscape education class at the MPWD office on Tuesday, October 29. Guests learned how to choose and care for beautiful, low-maintenance, water-efficient plants. Other considerations included pest controls, use of irrigation, budgeting, and how to avoid common mistakes. Frank Niccoli, a veteran instructor in landscape education, led the discussion. Complimentary copies of the California Gardner Handbook were gifted each attendee and all left with a wealth of new landscape and garden ideas!

MPWD Hands-on Workshops are offered annually in spring and fall and are FREE to MPWD customers and the local public. They are part of MPWD's commitment to community outreach and continued water conservation efforts.

Please be sure to visit our Workshops page often for announcements of upcoming Hands-On Workshosp and visit the BAWSCA website to learn more about other landscape workshops in your area. If you attended the Intro to Plants Workshop, we look forward to your feedback.