Learning Is Fun!

Each year, San Carlos Charter Learning Center visits the MPWD office to learn more about our water system, California water issues, and conservation. This year’s trip occurred on October 26, 2019, bringing 44 second graders, teachers, and parents into attendance. Students participated in a classroom experience which included a water awareness video, a story on the hydrological cycle, and a “Get to Know” H2O savings contest. They also had the opportunity to engage in a number of hands-on demo stations as well as several craft projects, do-it-yourself rain gauges, and garden art signs. MPWD 90th Anniversary tumblers packed with scholastic goods and a nutritious snack were also provided to each child at the end of the field trip.

Field trips are offered twice a year and open to schools within MPWD’s service territory, grades 2-5. For more on FREE School Education Opportunities that MPWD offers, please click here.

Photography by Ron Okada