Fire hydrant flushing is complete for the week. Flushing will resume Monday night at 10pm. (MA)

Volunteers Needed!

Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) is conducting a lead and copper rule water sampling program and needs volunteer customers to participate. The water sampling and results are free to volunteers.


To qualify, the plumbing in the volunteer home must meet the following criteria:

Tier 1 - Single family structures that contain:

Tier 2 – Buildings and multiple family residences that contain:

Tier 3 – Single Family structures that contain:

Sampling will take place September 6, 2018 and can be arranged for volunteers to sample the week of September 10 or week of September 24, 2018 if they are unable to sample September 6, 2018.

If interested, please contact Rick Bisio at or the MPWD front desk at 650-591-8941 and say that you would like to volunteer for the water sampling program.

Thank you!