Spring Workshop Brings Family Fun

Family Workshop:
Attracting Good Bugs to Your Garden with Suzanne Bontempo

Co-sponsored by BAWSCA

Did you know that 90% of the bugs in our gardens are actually good bugs eating bad bugs? On June 2, 2018, MPWD hosted the Spring Family Workshop at the Belmont Library. Our gracious host for the afternoon was Suzanne Bontempo, an expert horticulture and landscape educator with more than 25 years experience. Suzanne discussed how to identify the bugs in your garden, how to keep the good ones around, and which plants are good bug magnets. The well-attended workshop was chockfull of valuable resources for attendees, fun interactions, and quality time for families of all sizes. Each attendee was provided with complimentary gifts from MPWD and Ms. Bontempo in appreciation of joining us for the afternoon. Thank you to the Belmont Library for being a gracious host and providing their facilities.

Our Fall 2018 class schedule will be released in the near future. Visit the BAWSCA website to learn more, or visit our Workshops page soon for updated information. If you attended the Spring Workshop, we look forward to your feedback.

Family Workshop Snapshots!

Photography by Israel Soler. All rights reserved.