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MPWD and Belmont Enter Joint Project Agreement

The Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) and the City of Belmont finalized a joint agreement for working together on three significant capital infrastructure projects during FY 2018/2019. That agreement, signed during the first week of January 2018, reinforced the cooperative professional working relationship and coordination between the two agencies and promoted the efficient uses of public resources during engineering design, construction, and project management. “This agreement is a win-win for the shared customers and for public agency resources. It represents a dedication by both agencies to serve the community though operational and fiscal efficiencies,” said MPWD General Manager Tammy Rudock. The agreement covers the replacement of MPWD’s water system, and Belmont’s sewer system and roadwork, in the following areas:

North Road / Davey Glen Road

MPWD: Abandonment of an aging cross country water main and replacement of 1,400 LF of water main along Davey Glen Road.
CITY: Trenchless replacement of 1,200 LF of sewer main and associated structures, replacement of 16 LF of storm drain pipe, and one-inch overlay pavement restoration along the length of the utilities construction.

Francis Avenue / Court

MPWD: Replacement of 830 LF of PVS water main and addition of fire hydrant at end of Francis Court.
CITY: Construction of 792 LF of new sewer main and associated structures, abandonment of 409 LF of existing sewer main, four-inch pavement reconstruction, and slurry sealing along the length of the utilities construction.

Academy Avenue / Belburn Drive

MPWD: Abandonment of 600 LF of PVS water main on Academy Avenue and relocation of 22 service connections, and replacement of 150 LF of PVS water main on Belburn Drive.
CITY: Construction of 714 LF of new sewer main and associated structures, trenchless replacement of 317 LF of sewer main in easements, abandonment of 543 LF of existing sewer main, two-inch overlay pavementrestoration, and slurry sealing along the length of the utilities construction.

Belmont’s Public Works Director, Afshin Oskoui, echoed Rudock’s comments that, “Both teams were committed to ensuring development of a program that would set the stage for future joint projects, in order to minimize impacts to residents and visitors in Belmont and cost-effectively utilize resources.”

Belmont’s City Manager, Greg Scoles, commended the spirit of the partnership between the two agencies, and said, “This project exemplifies how we can work together to minimize costs and maximize benefits to the residents of our communities.”

The joint agreement can be found at the MPWD’s website

Construction is anticipated to begin in April 2018. Project updates will be available on both the City of Belmont and MPWD websites.