Hillcrest PRS Capital Project Underway

The Mid-Peninsula Water District Board of Directors awarded a construction contract to Stoloski and Gonzalez in the amount of $649,620 on January 24, 2019 to improve one of the District’s two points of connection to the Regional Water System turnouts located in Redwood City at the Hillcrest Meter Site. This capital project is installing a 20-inch diameter pressure reducing regulator to regulate pressure variances from the Regional Water System and protect the Mid-Peninsula Water District infrastructure from pressure spikes in the Zone 1 distribution system. A notice to proceed was issued for April 1, 2019 with 45 working days scheduled for the project. In anticipation of turning water off from the Regional Water System during a part of the construction, District staff has been flushing the water system in various zones during the day and overnight.

For more information on the MPWD's Capital Improvement Program, please visit here.