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Mid-Peninsula Water


Saving Water, One Student at a Time

Mid-Peninsula Water District recognizes the significance of community outreach. As part of a small yet growing community, we understand the importance of bringing people together. MPWD believes the best place to start is with the children ~ saving water, one student at a time!

Our Programs...

In a continual effort to promote community outreach again this year we will be partnering with the Resource Actions Program (RAP).  This program, which launched in spring 2006 through local elementary schools serves approximately 228+ students and teachers throughout Belmont-Redwood Shores School District. Also, "NEW" in 2010 we are teaming up with co-sponsors the Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) and offering "FREE" school assemblies to a number of local elementary schools within our service territory. MPWD feels it is its duty to provide the tools necessary to educate children and their families on water conservation benefiting our entire community.

How Water Wise Works ...                                  

Annually  RAP distributes tens of thousands of WaterWise kits that help reduce residential water use by teaching students, their instructors, and families valuable lessons they can use for the rest of their lives. For two weeks each fall, students concentrate on learning how to save water, why it's important, and what it means to conserve. Students and their families get to see how easy it can be to save both water and money by simply changing a few habits and installing the devices provided in the kits. The program shows our youth how to save natural resources using a hands-on approach. "NEW" this year every child who participates will receive an Outdoor WaterWise Resource Action Kit containing a garden hose spray nozzel, water timer, rain gauge, watering schedule magnet and additional tools for monitoring water usage at home.



Earthcapades, The "H2O" Show ...

Earthcapades Environmental Vaudeville is an interactive and fun assemby that blends theatrics with education to teach kids about water resources and conservation. Performers use California state science content to reinforce learning. The show covers a number of topics ranging from, "How Vital Water is To Sustain Life on Earth" and "How Water Gets From the Source (MPWD) to Our Schools/Homes" to "How to prevent Water Pollution". Assemblies are age appropriate in serving grades K-5 and are approximately one and a half  hours in length. MPWD sponsored programs are more than just educational programs, their true intent is to build lasting partnerships between local schools and the community creating permanent behavioral changes toward water conservation!!

If Everyone Saves A Little, We Can All Save A Lot!